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Agriculture is the world's largest industry, employing more than one billion people. It’s always been at the heart of development, human wellbeing, and it is central to economic growth. Within the agriculture sector role of smallholding farmers is very crucial in terms of food security, reducing poverty, and addressing different dimensions of sustainability (economic, social, and ecological).

Our Services

Farmers as well as Agricultural supplies and services companies are listed on our digital platform. Our DFK app offers access to farmers in the following categories , Dairy, Aquaculture, shifting cultivation , Animal husbandry, horticulture, ranching, plantation, arable land and commercial Agriculture. Access to these categories is free of charge.

How it Works

Anyone, anywhere in the world with access to a smartphone or computer can access our framers and other agricultural services. The steps are:

  • Download the DFK Directory app on the Google Play Store
  • Install the application
  • Search

Our website is

  • Click Register on the Navigation bar
  • You can search and contact all farmers and other services.
  • Access is absolutely FREE

Highly Qualified Farmers

At DFK we believe in providing quality services for our farmers and the consumers. We use highly trained agents who qualify and list the farmers on our site.

We value your feedback

Digital Farmers Kenya values transparency.To ensure our consumers have the best experience we encourage rating of our farmers and suppliers after every transaction. We also encourage genuine reporting of issues with consumers or farmers.